Saturday, 16 October 2010

We keep messing up the words to the love song but maybe it's making us closer than we ever dreamed possible

Good afternoon o' followers,
First off I'll apologize for my temporary disappearance from blogging... for literally the an entire month and a half. Reason behind this is I have been riding a snow-ball of craziness as uni entered the third year. Oh the joys of that one.

Well lets see what i can tell you that will keep you entertained to the end of the post. well I'm now living in a new house away from the sinestro forces from last year which makes a big difference, because I can wake up dancing with happiness that I'm have some fun for once in my uni life. If I used emoticons I would be colon and a capital D... [:D] anyway I'm sure I can find some pictures of our exploits to show you all sometime soon.

Erm what else, oh yes earlier today I submitted to this short story blog because of homework, but I actually found the task rather fun and thought-provoking... odd combination of words but its what it felt like. so riding this breeze of enthusiasm for submitting I'm gonna send more stories out to places. Get ready magazines and publishers, you are about to be caught in my path of determination *insert evil laugh here*

Anyway I'm gonna fly for a bit, but I'll have some more news for you all soon, these next two weeks are gonna be crazy with stuff and parties so I will try keep you updated with our exploits next weekend.

Peace and love

PS the songs for this post are Radioactive by K.O.L and Higher by The Saturdays