Monday, 20 June 2011

"All I want is a place to call my own, to mend the hearts of everyone who feels alone..."

Bonjour, I thought I'd open with a picture of myself (not to be vain) but because I think its one of the only decent ones I've ever been had taken of me alone. I'm not a poser but heyho you've got to have a laugh every now and again.
So yeah, here we are again, another day and another post. Just you're basic whats been happening and a little comic post again so you know, the usual... I'm rambling again aren't I? Probably, so yeah, I'm planning on adding a little more information to this blog about adventures and stuff because it basically seems to be me rambling about my issues and stuff but we all have to have an outlet for that don't we...
So, yeah the job quest has begun, I'm applying all over the place, determined to get a job in the next two months, be that in London, Scotland or Yorkshire... I'll keep you up to speed on that but so far I've had two rejections and lots more please try again later to compete with.
On top of that, I'm redrafting my collection of short stories, the original Apotheosis quad-trilogy and hoping to send the first one out within the next two weeks to short story publishers and magazines to see if they like it. So hopefully my mind-boggling alternate historic, fantasy or sci-fi stories will be liked by the editors as much as I've enjoyed writing them. For anyone who hasn't heard me talk about them, I shall summarise for you the main plot of the four short stories. "An orphan as a child, our hero leaves behind his village in search of a better way of life only to become a gun for hire. Years later, he takes a job for a former mentor Father Julius to find his daughter. Upon finding her, he returns to uncover a series of event that will lead him through a prophecy he once dimissed and must embrace the gift he is given to fight The Order and the ever present threat of Tartarus whilst uncovering the secret of the Black Bible." Basically thats the story.

Sorry for this but I just wanted to say, I'm now 100% in love with Taylor Momsen. As well as Taylor Swift...
Anyway... As promised it is time for another short comic. Another one featuring Sarah and as it is her birthday today, I reckon we should all shout happy birthday to her... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH... ok maybe that was just me, but yeah. So this comic sees Sarah and I adventuring in the T.A.R.D.I.S. and I'm in a Matt Smith outfit because lets face it, its cool. And well here it is (dialogue written below)
Panel 1:
Paul- So I hear today is a special day...
Sarah- Yeah, it's my birthday
Panel 2:
Paul- Well I have a suprise
Sarah- Yay, what is it?
Paul- Spoilers
Panel 3:
T.A.R.D.I.S. lands outside next to a lamppost
Panel 4:
Paul leaves shouting "This Way"
Panel 5:
Walks into a lamppost... ow =/
Panel 6:
Sarah discovers she is at the first BMTH gig ever.
Sarah- YAYYYY!!!!
Paul (off panel)- My Bowtie...
Anyway there we have it another little comic done and dusted, next one will be another "Reasons to listen to Heather" Ft two extra characters, so something to look forward too. And potentially another suprise. So I bid you all a farewell for the now. And I leave you with these songs to enjoy. So peace and love ^_^
Katy Perry: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) [the video is hilarious]
D.R.U.G.S: If you think this song is about you, it probably is
All Time Low: A Daydream Away
A Day to Remember: If I Leave
Lady Gaga: The Edge of Glory (My gosh I like a Lady Gaga song... must be a misprint)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Remember me when you're the one who always dreamed, remember me

Bonjour my lovely readers, I hope you are all well and happy.
I've been up to lots of lovely exciting things lately, but all the details of that will be following in another post/update in the next few days, as this is one of those days where i give you more of my artwork for you to look at. Plus a very special short comic for one extra special young lady.
Right so first up, I will explain that these characters drawn below are for my new comic, a steam punk comic which is based on short stories I've written over the last couple of months. It's set after the conclusion of the final short story and answers all the questions I left unanswered in the quadrilogy of short stories. I'm still scripting and toying with the ideas so these are just a couple of little ideas below. I hope you enjoy them.

First up is the character Lily, a female lead to the story who has become entwinned in the fates of the central protagonist as he continues to struggle with the powers he is burdened with. I wanted to create a strong female lead therefore I've attempted to give her an outfit that would match her determination, as well as her own unique style. I liked drawing the leather jacket for her and pretty much all her outfit. However this outfit is very likely to change to something much authorative.

Second is the protagonist in the opening for the comic as I've decided to drop it straight into the action with the Battle of Bredon which occurs half way through the story. A short war which has a high casualty count for its length. Bredon has never been more important to the future and for one person in particular it is a matter of life and death.

Finally here is the concept art for the protagonist in his full outfit at the moment. Very likely to change. But I'm pleased with the idea of his power shown on his hand at present.
Now here is the moment I've been working all day towards, the next short comic in my collection. This is NOT a reasons to listen to Heather comic, but it is done in the same style. It is for a friend I have made on twitter and she has always made me smile. Her name is Sarah and I've never been happier to have someone so amazing and inspiring to talk to me. Her youtube videos are amazing and she's beautiful (even if she denies it), so here it is... (transcript below)

Panel One:
Paul: Ok, I'm at the end now... where's my gold

Panel Two:
Sarah: Hi!

Panel Three:
Paul: Wow! Aren't you the cutest rainbow genie

Panel Four:
Sarah: Thank you, I bring you a gift. A magic rainbow cupcake

Panel five-eight:
Caramelldansen time ^_^
... And then I fall down a hole

Panel Nine:
Sarah: Are you ok?
Paul: No... get the T.A.R.D.I.S
Sarah: Can I come travelling
Paul: Yes... you're awesome, now please help... oh a penny

Ok so that brings this to a close. I hope you enjoy. Comment share and stuff. If you want to borrow some of the art, please ask or tweet me. You all know the details, they're on here somewhere.
Oh and the songs for this post are:
Avril lavigne- Smile
Asking Alexandria- The Final Episode
Artist Vs Poet- Bad Romance
Enter Shikari- Quelle Suprise

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

'Cause we are who we are, lovers lost in space, searching for our saving grace...

Bonjour my wonderful and astonishing followers, I have treats for you all today. Not only is there pictures, but also yet another little short comic I drew a few days ago and forgot to put up for you. So yes lots of wonderful treats for everyone today.

I suppose I'll begin with the news. It's that time of year again where we hand in our final assignments and prepare for exams that we all loath, yet i'm not bothered by them this year. I've adopted a new attitude to them, which basically is "fuck it, might as well close ya eyes and hope for the best!" I know that is not the best attitude but heyho what else do we have aside from a little something called hope? Not much and I like to live in the hope somedays. Anyway above are two pictures from a art exhibition I ended up at on a shopping trip in Liverpool today. I don't know who the artist was but I found his work intriguing and rather thought proking as his title for this collection was "Wonders and Meaning of the Universe" (or at least I think it was... something along those lines... if you are looking for an imformative blog, you are sadly reading the wrong blog as I just rant on this to keep myself sane)

... Ahem... anyway yes, I found the first piece "Fission or Fussion?" particularly interesting as a comment on Nuclear weapons as well as nuclear power... and the whole idea of the Children of the Bomb, or if you live in the Marvel universe and are a member of the x-men then you are probably going to refer to this as Children of the Atom. The second piece, a sculture was called "Flying or Falling?" another piece I quite liked, obviously modelled upon the Greek tale of Icarus: The Boy Who Flew Too Close to the Sun. But never the less, it is throughly well presented and I might print a copy of the image and put it on my wall.

Onwards, as I am sure you will be aware, with Easter falling so late this year, classes have been affected, so I ended up attending my last seminars prior to the Easter Holiday which is a shame because I've made some amazing friends who I hope to keep close forever. Below is a picture of my friends, many of whom are inspirations for my comic and if you look at them carefully, you may recognize one or two of them from their cartoon images, if you don't it doesn't matter because my artwork is really terrible in 95% of my pictures. =/ But heyho, it's not about the quality but the crazy little stories I put into them.

Above is a picture of the Avengers, from left to right we are: Me, Heather, Sam, Hayley, Kirsty and Nikki. Together we fight crime and injustice to fiction... and are now combatting our most powerful and deadly enemy, our arch enemy if you will. Stephanie Mayer!!! The Moriarty to our Sherlock Holmes! I joke but in all seriousness, these guys keep my head in the clouds but my feet on the ground.

And here is one of my favourite pictures, one of Heather and I during the photo blitzkreig that occured during the pre lecture celebrations and afterwards in the bar. I understand I look bewildered but be under no illusions, I love this girl, she makes me smile so much and I always sing her praises and wish her the best of luck for everything she does in the future. =)

And now the final picture... the third short comic for "Reasons to listen to Heather!" This one shot is called "Reasons to not become obsessed!" and you see what obsession does to someone. I have a few more being sketched out and I'll keep them going for you guys as long as you enjoy them, so speak up and be heard, I want to hear from you! I feel like doing a picture in the style of Lord Kitchener with the tagline "YOUR BLOG-COMICS NEED YOU!" But I won't so fear not.
Right so that draws to a close this lengthy post, I do apologise, but you know heyho when you have things to say, you have things to say. So to conclude I shall present you three songs to listen to that I have recently heard and enjoyed so I am sharing the love her. Hopefully you will enjoy them. so here they are:

1) The Maine: Saving Grace

2) Francesqa:Years

3) All Time Low: I Feel Like Dancing!

Ok Enjoy and I'll speak soon =)

Sunday, 3 April 2011

We are Kings and Queens of the land we built where the monsters of a Valley can no longer hurt us...

Howdy, how are we all today? Well I thought today seen as I haven't posted for a while I would share something random I did on Friday during a Poetry lesson. This was done instead of doing my actual work because I was bored, no offence to my teacher or anything but it's Friday afternoon and the end of a long and crap week so I really wasn't up for philosophical context of poetics or anything like that. Thus came my two little comics "Reasons to Listen to Heather!" Starring Heather who I have sung many a praise for and continue to do so because she is fantastical and simply amazing, and Myself. Now these are rough sketchy drawings, not as neat or tidy or polished as my other works because I drew them in ink and in lesson and coloured with a purple highlighter. But I think its fun to have a none serious art style for short little things like this. So anyway without babbling, here they are:
Reasons to Listen to Heather #1
And the second- Reasons to Listen to Heather#2

Now let me know if you guys want more of these little shorts on the blog cause they don't take a lot of time to sketch out, in fact I rather enjoyed doing these ones because it's literally slapstick comedy on paper. Can't beat it. And if you want to find out more about my cool friend Heather, here is a link to her blog too:

So yeah check it out. Leave me some comments and I'll be speaking soon. Although before the usual ending I would like to leave you with a small bit of advice. When looking at past exam papers and your teacher is reading out the questions, do not think noone can hear you when saying a sarcastic comment/answer to your mates, regardless of how funny it is. Here is the question and my answer:

Q) Why was Malcolm X such an inspirational figure to leaders of the Black Power movement in the late 1960's and early 1970's. My Answer) They liked him because he knew where his towel was!

As you can imagine, my teacher was not amused at me. However my friends were. So i'm a bit torn between whether or not it was a clever comment... Anyway moving onwards. The song for this post is by a lovely band that I've started listening to called The Maine. The song I've chosen is "Inside of You"

So yeah, this brings an end to this post for the day. I'll speak soon, let me know what you think about the comics and if you want to see more of them.

Peace, Love and a happy Monkey to you all.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I used to mean something to you, but now i'm tired and alone...

So far this week,
I’ve managed to find myself on a return to the pathway to my own self-destruction. It’s a path I know all too well and I’m still not immune to the twists on the pathway. Personally I feel life is a cruel twisted game to me. It’s not about how good or how bad a person is, according to whoever runs this show it’s about how much torment, pain and anguish you can inflict on a person. Normally I don’t like to freak out like this because it will make people worry, but I do feel like this a lot of the time, but I don’t show it because I’m a fucking good actor, and I don’t want to hurt the people around me, because I have destroyed one too many relationships already. But if you’re reading this and thinking “He’s writing this for attention” as I’m sure many a person in the world will think, then I have to say that you are cruel and judge me on one post. The truth is that no-one can know what goes on in my mind or anyone else’s mind at any given moment, so think before you judge or open your mouth.

One way, I’ve tried to release this depression and aggression that I suppress so often is through my lyrics and often my poetry for my assignments. Unfortunately, the teachers seem to think that when I get too personal with my poems that I write crap. One poem I wrote last year was called Shinji Ikari and I wrote it about a character in my favourite Anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion particularly around the final two episodes found on the End of Evangelion DVD where his mind is put to the test and fractures his sanity. When writing this poem, I inadvertently wrote myself into the poem with my personal feelings at the time, creating an unintentional relationship with the character. This poem, I was proud of because I managed to get my feelings onto paper. However my teachers disagreed because it was far too personal as well as disliking my use of everything in the poem. So it’s a knock back for poetry that is supposed to reflect how one feels, not in the classic romantic/gothic/war every other kind of poetic form way but the way I write my poems. Here, why not have a read, it’s a little depressing but it’s something I’m proud of and the only poem I’ve managed to express myself in.

Shinji Ikari
It is cold in here,
Well I can hide behind my breath,
So I’ll breathe in…
Too much!

And with a gunshot
They all fall down
Behind false smiles
… Yes it feels nice

It’s over;
These angels dehumanise!
It feels nice…

Damn it!
Damn it!

The fate of destruction…
The joy of rebirth…
Then what is your hand for?

You laid me down to sleep
In the wake…

So this semester, I’ve begun to re-try and make my poems personal because it’s not about what the teachers what in the long run. It should be about what I want to write and if my work is not what they want, it doesn’t matter because it means something to me. Therefore I’ve been using my depression mood to write my poems and take have pictures of the lines I’ve written on various items and in various ways. The idea is to be shocking and not happy. I want to so these people who I am and how I feel so they understand what plagues me internally. Thus was born the idea for the tomato ketchup writing to mimic blood. Please before you judge me, know this, if anyone feels this is sick or wrong then get a life. I don’t judge you for your works, art is about reflecting the moment and capturing the image. Look at Van Gogh for goodness sake. He was a bi-polar artist who struggled to make a living and was judged by everyone around him, but his art speaks for itself and shows us all his view of the world. His command of colour, the style he draws in and his ability to find the true beauty of a particular moment is astonishing.

Anyway so, here are a few pictures of what I’ve been up to. Courtesy of my housemate, who just about manages to keep me remotely sane.

Now I would like to assure you all that it is ketchup on my hands and not real blood. I’m also planning to create a few images of a girl or guy putting lipstick on in the shape of a Chelsea smile. It’s all about the truth of poetry these days. And all this was done to the sounds of Funeral For A Friend’s brilliant new album which effectively saved my life on Monday. I have so much gratitude for that band because they have effectively stopped me from doing things that I would regret. Music saves lives. You would be surprised by how much it has helped me and continues to.

So in closing, and cause I’m on the topic of Funeral For A Friend, I’m going to list my favourite songs by the most amazing Welsh band of a generation. So here are ten FFAF brilliant songs for you, and I’ll speak again soon. I apologize for the long post and emotional nature of this particular post but it needed to be written and I thank you if you are reading this because it’s nice to know that someone out there is listening to the ramblings of another student.
• History (found on the album “Hours”)
• The Art of American Football (Found on the “Seven ways to scream your name” E.P.)
• To Die Like Mouchette (found on the album “Memory & Humanity”)
• The Diary (found on the album “Tales don’t tell themselves”)
• You Want Romance? (B-side to “Escape Artist’s…” single)
• Medicated (found on the album “Welcome Home Armageddon”)
• Moments Forever Faded (found on the album “Casually dressed and deep in conversation”)
• Hospitality (found on the album “Hours”)
• Roses for the Dead (found on the album “Hours”)
• Old Hymns (found on the album “Welcome Home Armageddon”)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

We all know friends like these, friends like these are the greatest and keep my feet on the ground. Nothing worse than growing up

Hello my followers, surprise for you all today, I've got a couple of character sketches for you all to have a look at for my Scott Pilgrim inspired comic. So here we go, no point beating around the bush is there.
This is Hails. She likes vampires and can summon them if she really, really wants. Also she is easily aggravated by video games when she fails to complete challenges.
Special Ability: SUMMON VAMPIRES- DRACULA 999mp, LESTAT 666mp, SELENE 333mp, EDWARD CULLEN 1mp (useless summon, like the chocobo summon in FF4 =/)
Next up is Kirsty, she is a fond of music and has a strange obsession with stars. She would normally be wearing contact lenses, but if she sees something she really likes her eyes light up and turn into stars. It's actually a little worrying. =/
Special Ability: STAR POWER- utilize the power of any star item upon her person to launch a devastating attack with the power of a sun. The more stars the better =)
Third up is Abi, our resident Biologist. She likes nothing more than investigating plants and running around in fields acting like a big child. (is it me or is this all of a sudden turning into a dating profile!!!) She also has the ability to remain completely calm, in fact I believe her temper is completely non-existent.
Special Ability: COMMAND PLANT-LIFE- Command plants in the nearby area to attack enemies or aid party. Differs from plant type to plant type.

Forth is Heather, every one's favourite singer. She loves to sing out loud at random moments and is actively involved with a band. She is enthusiastic and always has random conversations involving trips to Paris and iPod silent discos with Paul.
Special Ability: SING- uses songs to give various status elements to enemies. Ranges from heavy damage to elemental damage and status afflictions.

Finally Paul (IE. My character) He is sarcastic and often opens his mouth without thinking what he is saying. Occasionally he will make the suggestion to Heather they should run away to Paris but to no avail. His jokes often fall flat and he tends to sneak hug his friends.
Special Ability: ARMY OF ONE- launches a devastating one-man chain attack upon a selected enemy. Very unlikely to miss and may also inflict status afflictions depending on the enemy.

Anyway that is all for now. Just wanted to share them with you all. More to come soon. And I'd like to thank all of my friends who are out there in the world. Without them, none of these characters would really be possible because our random exploits, conversations and lives bring us all endless hours of enjoyment. Even when things look bleak, I can always count on them. And this is one way I'm saying thank-you because they deserve to be recognized by the world and not just me. (P.S. Heather is amazing and has been the funnist character to draw because of her vibrant personality. Actually everyone has been fun to draw but I wanted to mention her again because her excitement about everything gave me the inspiration to begin work on this comic. She's awesome and I love her haha.)
Right so, onwards and upwards I guess. The songs for this post are:
Dave Melillo- For the Sake of Remembering
This Will Destroy You- This World is our ___
All Time Low- Time Bomb
Right so enjoy. I'll speak soon =)

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Enjoy yourself, take only what you need to what the world regains its place in the stars

Hello my noble followers,

It's been an interesting few weeks these last couple. To which few people have escaped unscathed, following the wave of news that hit us as we try to keep moving through life in the best possible way. But I'm not here to try depress the world, no sir, I'm not going to do that today... well maybe later but you never know.

Recently I got my assignment back for my Palestinian essay on the British Government's relationship with the Zionist before 1914. I'll admit its an interesting topic and I do enjoy studying history, because whether you like it or not, it is historians who will save the world at some point. Except we observe first then act. Kind of like Time Lords with the rule of no direct interference with fixed points in time. It's actually quite a good comparison that to be fair. Anyway, so I got my essay back and my tutor was really surprised that I got 60%, with in fairness is quite surprising because of the amount of blunders and monumental cock-ups I made in that essay. But instead of the congratulations that one normally receives, we were all greeted with an air of "I think you could have done better" and then "Here is my four page list of everything that you can improve upon and what you did wrong and things/habits I generally disapprove of in any assignment that I receive!"... The looks on our faces from this point on can only be best described as...

Now don't get me wrong, I like nothing more than feedback so I can improve on my work but in fairness, I can only describe this as a giant kick in the teeth. It was one of those moments where you feel like you've entirely let yourself down and I know my good friend on my course felt the same as we met up after and decided the only logical thing to do next was retail therapy... so I bought some Doctor Who DVDs... yes the classic Tom Baker ones =). But aside from the point, on no part of the actually coursework discussion in our timetable did our tutor actually specify a certain criteria for the presentation, sources and every other bit of jargon he pulled us up on. Much to the amusement of my history Arch-Nemesis. I seem to have a lot of super-villain wannabes after me clearly... =/ Interesting.

Anyway on with other news. My Scott Pilgrim inspired comic is very near completion, in fact I shall be doing the last couple of panels in the next few days and hopefully uploading it to this blog at some point in the very near future. I would have liked it to be up last month but the amount of work that I've had to do recently has been ridiculous. Its really quite de-moralising these days when you're trying to make the world aware of your wish to be in the industry. Or at least that's how it feels to me. Maybe a new plan is in order... one that involved monkey's would be preferable.

Also in the world of news around me, is poetry also known as the long 3 hours on a Friday afternoon where we learn nor do nothing. Again the world is close to its death when we enter that room. I had a coursework assignment where I had to do four poems on class exercises but how can we do four poems on class exercises when we do not actually do them in class? hmm I wonder what problems that could cause... answer- Alot... =/ I don't really want to portray myself across the globe and to whoever reads this as a moaner or a moaning kind of person, I'm normally an OK kind of guy and ask my friends they'll back me up on this, keep myself to myself not burdening them with my problems. But you have to agree with me on this one that if we don't practice writing in the class then it is pretty hard to do the assignment and all the add on bits when we have nothing to work with. You see what I'm saying. It's a little contradictory if you catch my drift. Also every week we nearly fall asleep in that lesson so either I am falling asleep and missing it or we just are not doing any work worth a damn. I don't know really but it's too late to procrastinate on it now.

So that is what has been going on in my world at the moment, granted it's not the most pressing issues that can ever be discuss, I mean when we look at places in the Middle East that are tearing themselves to pieces, it does give a little perspective considering how bad we believe out government are. I completely understand the reasons for the cuts made in our country but the way and the unfairness they were handed out is only for the benefit of several members of the upper class community. Therefore as it has been suggested the new party motto for the conservative party should be- "Putting the 'N' into Cuts!" I actually would love to see that. Politics and assignments aside, I am in the middle of planning a trip to the Zooniverse, also known as Chester Zoo because secretly we are all big kids and the Zoo is amazing. I shalt say no more on that topic. Hopefully I'll be putting some pictures up of that when I get them and hopefully a comic or two before then. The fun never stops does it.

And so in closing, Cameron is evil, Gaddafi is mis-guided, Poetry tutors can not teach and the monkey is loose in the closet again... hmm I must fix the world. So the songs for this post are The Naked & Famous- Young Blood and Architects- An open letter to myself. Enjoy and I'll check in soon.

Peace and Love as always.
PS stay out of the Middle East.