Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Bad Romance

Ok, so I'm not a massive fan of Lady Gaga (despite singing along to her songs due to the catchi-ness) but yeah, I think this is one of the best covers of a song I've heard in a while.

So here you go people, Lissie's cover of Bad Romance (live)

Monday, 26 April 2010

You can never find what you want

It's true, well in most cases anyway. seriously, I have spent all god damn day searching high and low for one of those 1950's vintage automotive jackets like the one from Nick & Norah's infinate playlist cause I think they're cool. And seen as the fashion of the day isn't covering them at the moment then you can't find one anywhere in the world. because clearly standing out in the crowd isn't good anymore, we must make everyone look the same! pfft what a load of disappointment.

Anyways I finally got my hands on Evangelion 1.11- You are (not) alone, and i'm looking forward to viewing it, I mean it was only released in 2007 and took 3 years to get to flipping Great Britian. clearly we need to sort that out. i'm thinking a strongly worded letter. mu ha ha.

Ok so if anyone knows where I can find one of those jackets let me know and yeah guess that's all for now, except i've decided to name a song that i've been listening to lots or like at the end of most of these posts for everyone to investigate and see if they like cause i like recommendations.

So this week we have 100 Years- Five For Fighting (yes I am aware its an old song but I've only just unearthed it and if you haven't heard it yet shame on you)

Righties I'm off, laters

Sunday, 25 April 2010

I found this highly amuzing

Just thought I'd share that with you all.

The first post... scary huh?!

Yeah, it's actually not cause I used to have a myspace and blogged on there (not to the extent of anything great, infact I think I moaned about high school... well now is an entirely new kettle of fish... we can rant about uni... or not) Anyway moving onwards in a fashion similar to walking but not.

I guess the first thing I want to mention is that clearly I'm an idiot for waiting till my second year comes to a close for me to set a blog. but yeah that's just because clearly i'm stupid. Ok so I guess I'll share some stuff with you in upcoming posts and stuff, like some lyrics, poems, sections of stories, some of my artwork (I'm also working on a comic, more on that as I progress) and general inner thoughts on stuff I've got on my mind, maybe even my thoughts on a gig or two. Just to keep you all interested.

Secondly, I've just realised that as I am typing this, my I-Tunes has decided it likes to play Susan Boyle? Don't know why, I've given up on the useless bit of software. Considering I was enjoying The Pretty Reckless and now this... I don't understand...

Anyways, mucho thanks if you're reading this, feel free to follow, comment and whatever else you can do on these blogs that I have yet to figure out.