Monday, 14 June 2010

My Hands, don't want to start again, my hands don't want to understand!

Seen as I'm taking a break from my hectic schedule of Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy 3 and Final Fantasy 4 with a bit of Halo thrown in for the difference in games, I thought I'd write out a Summer Playlist which you can all have a gander and a listen to, old and new songs included people. Just cause I like music and you should all listen to it etc etc etc (long rant removed by author to prevent damaging the keyboard).

Anyways here goes. (no particular order people)

Fightstar- Mono/Mecury Summer/Grand Unification pt1/ Shinji Ikari
Funeral For A Friend- Captains of Industry/ Into Oblivion/ You Want Romance?
The Beatles- Help!/ Drive My Car
Leona Lewis- My Hands/ I Got You
Fall Out Boy- Sugar, We're Going Down/ Saturday
30 Seconds to Mars- This is War/100 Suns/ Attack/ Capricorn/ Night of the Hunter/ Kings & Queens
Lights- Second Go/ Saviour
Kids in Glass Houses- Undercover Lover
Alexisonfire- The Northern/ Midnight Regulations
Biffy Clyro- God and Satan
All Time Low- Too Much/ Damned if I do ya, Damned if I don't/ Painting Flowers
The Notwist- Consequence
Taylor Swift- Today Was a Fairytale
You Me At Six- Fireworks/ The Rumour
Iron Maiden- Can I Play With Madness?/ A Different World
Jimi Hendrix- All Along The Watchtower/ Voodoo Chile
Dave Melillo- Knights of the Island Counter
Ghostlines- Acid
IHauntWizards- More Than A Friend

So yeah thats all I got at the moment. enjoy these songs and post your own playlists. share the music people because nothing is better than (the following is censored for the benefit of all mankind and to save the ears of innocent children)
SO peace and lover peoples i'm off to kick some Fal'Cie butt

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The scent of Roses still lingers in the summer rain

Summer days become longer until the back end of this month, and the rain has made the times cooler, which in turn allows me to work in comfort through the nights instead of bleeding and sweating together in the horrific heat. Its true, my job officially is torture in the summer. But enough of that, the days are longer and until people return from university for Summer, i'm going to continually play Final Fantasy 13. well the last few days have been wet and windy so i thought i may as well be productive and scream at a video game everytime an eidolan bashes me around the battlefield and whenever some selfish Fal'Cie refuses to die.

And amonsgt this repetative pattern of never ending video games and films, I find myself getting a lecture daily from my parents about what I want to do with my life. The answer to that is I have no idea. Drifting through the world has worked for me so far and until I figure out what I want to do, its going to stay that way. Thats the only way to look at it. I'm working on my own comic/graphic novel at the moment and once i've got everything ready, i'll send it to publishers etc. other than that my parents keep trying to push me to teach. why can't they get over the fact, i don't want to do that anymore. the amount of responsibilty on your shoulders is immense and can crush a person.

anyway thats all for the moment, I believe that drifting and Final Fantasy 13 await. lets get it on. oh yeah and the song for this post is Ellie Goulding- Your Biggest mistake.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Summer days, mistaken for there nightlife in the neon glow of the city that breaks our dreams

If I had a pound for everytime someone in my house (ie my most annoying brother) told me they were bored, then i'd be rich or at least out of my overdraft. This is no word of a lie. except he would never give me any money because he's tight walleted like that.

Anyway to the point. I miss the S.O.S brigade. (also known as Kirsty, Hayley, Abi and Sam [as well as the other random players we encounter on our adventures]) It's official Braders sucks mega monkey butt. Anyone who says otherwise will be given the Uber Death penalty (buy two rounds and drink 10 shots in a row). Perhaps I should write down the penalties i'm going to use in the S.O.S brigade from September onwards? hmm. maybe it will be a good idea. But yes anyway, as I am officially living with three out of the four members of the S.O.S brigade, I will ensure more randomness and crazyness (to the scale of world breaking). that is something to look forward to. yay! So yeah here's a list of the current penalties I have invented for the S.O.S brigade.

Uber Death Penalty- buy two rounds and drink 10 shots (for very serious offences)
Death Penalty- Run five/ten laps around a field shouting "Green Men are chasing me"
Averge Penalty- 5 days community service (ie answering to the orders of all others present without resistance)

I think these seem fair. hmmm, need more thou to keep things entertaining. the death penalty is faintly remeniscant of the penalty i used in high school to my friend. except we made him run topless around the school fields screaming "teachers after me". hahaha. oh the days.