Sunday, 25 April 2010

The first post... scary huh?!

Yeah, it's actually not cause I used to have a myspace and blogged on there (not to the extent of anything great, infact I think I moaned about high school... well now is an entirely new kettle of fish... we can rant about uni... or not) Anyway moving onwards in a fashion similar to walking but not.

I guess the first thing I want to mention is that clearly I'm an idiot for waiting till my second year comes to a close for me to set a blog. but yeah that's just because clearly i'm stupid. Ok so I guess I'll share some stuff with you in upcoming posts and stuff, like some lyrics, poems, sections of stories, some of my artwork (I'm also working on a comic, more on that as I progress) and general inner thoughts on stuff I've got on my mind, maybe even my thoughts on a gig or two. Just to keep you all interested.

Secondly, I've just realised that as I am typing this, my I-Tunes has decided it likes to play Susan Boyle? Don't know why, I've given up on the useless bit of software. Considering I was enjoying The Pretty Reckless and now this... I don't understand...

Anyways, mucho thanks if you're reading this, feel free to follow, comment and whatever else you can do on these blogs that I have yet to figure out.


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