Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ocean waves crash and break, removing the footsteps of our Renaissance

Bonjour, it's now November which means two things. Firstly it's nearly Chrimbo time which is made clear by the ridiculous amounts of adverts on the television these days (I still haven't seen the cola advert yet tut tut) and secondly I turn 21 in less than three weeks now... i'm so full of excitement that if you asked me what I'm doing my response would actually be "whatever..." truth be told, i'm never very good with birthdays let alone my own after the last two years attempts at celebrations have been disasterific to say the least. But onwards and upwards i guess.

So the news on the week, we had the halloween party and the clean up (which was about as entertaining as finding a horse's head in your bed!) so that passed with very little trouble, despite my spider-sense going nuts haha. And then on the friday we had the field trip to the williamson tunnels. Now don't get me wrong, I was full of excitement to about the epic adventure I was hoping the trip would be, but i was majorly disappointed. Not because of the historical side of the tunnels, but the lack of things to see, it was almost like we were standing in a sewer to be honest... a sewer with ducks? Don't ask to much about that, because I only managed to come to the conclusion that they we halloween decorations, either that or ducks get freaky down there. And to top it all off, apparently we are meant to be inspired by the giant hole in the ground, i'm sorry but I'm lost for inspiration, historically i'm interested but inspired i am not. Not to mention that i'm sure people are going to be looking to sci-fi stuff to use in the stories, I dunno what to do with my story, i don't even have an idea... oh well best get to reading into the depths of human emotions again... and try a new style of story, historical stories that are purely insane and based on very little truth- hello da vinci code. haha

But on a slightly happier note, I got the new Taylor Swift album and its amazing. I don't think I've removed it from my cd player since last week, oh the joys of cds. I'm still not swung on the entire digital age (ps as discovered last night around midnight when me and some mates were incredibly drunk, we become crazy paranoids fearing technology and stuff, so it's safer not to get THAT drunk again for a long time!) so I'm still buying cds.

And to close this blog for the moment is the songs of the moment. I have 3 for you lucky followers this time round. muhaha
Katy Perry- Firework
Taylor Swift- Long Live
& Bring Me The Horizon- Fuck

So yeah I'm out of here and I'll give you an update soon =)
PS- I like this picture from my housemate. We look like adventurers

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