Friday, 12 November 2010

What is the price we must pay when our only sin is humanity

Ah metaphorical gibberish, how I do love to tease you in my titles to blogs. I love coming up with these cause its fun.

Anyway to the proper stuff that will fill this blog. We shall begin with the fact, I've been home for my reading week and had such a good time just being back in the old time and doing spontaneous dances at the early hours of the morning to songs like Airplanes, Hoedown Throw down and Pushing the Senses... a wide mix but we max it work. I hasten to add, that I'm not a professional dancer but i have a friend who ends up trying out new choreography on us when we have had a drink or two. Also the first assignment for fiction has been successfully handed in. so yeah, i'm pessimistic about the result because the story changed so much that I didn't recognize it anymore, but i am very pleased with the ending I created for it. nothing more entertaining than making your characters suffer and die in interesting ways.

As always I'm secretly stressing about things in life, but i'm very good at hiding these things (if your reading this and wondering why i'm telling you then stop being so smart and pretend you didn't hear it from me... or else there may be pain on a bizarre scale) but yeah, i'm finding that a lot of things are changing around me, as if I've handed control of my life to some mysterious nightmare man who drags me face first through dirt and expects me to stand up at the end of it all with a smile. Lately he has been toying with my emotions and has introduced someone to my world who I rarely spoke to in the previous years. Its now like i'm growing close to this person and developing feelings for her. As one of my housemates has said, feelings complicate things, I understand this and have agreed with him, but I don't seem to follow through in my actions. Its just the life of an incredibly unstable 20 (soon to be 21 year old) I guess. But we have fun don't we? or at least thats what i'm telling myself.

So yeah, moving onwards before emotion becomes so obvious that it burns a hole in my head. I am sketching out some of my comic as you read this most likely, so assuming I can get a scanner somewhere, I will post a couple of pages up on the blog for the world to gander at. Self Publishing to the MAX! Oh just to warn the faint viewers, some of the stuff does tend to get violent because its not a happy comic... there are no tea parties or white rabbits, its a story of how the world could end and it's not going to be a smooth ride because I know these characters are the most disturbed and flawwed individuals you will ever see for years to come. At least I hope so. Think Kick Ass with Watchmen with Blade with a bit of Japanese violence in the mix and times it by a million. But this is just my view of the stuff, I don't know if you'll enjoy it or not, but I have been working this story for the past six months and I hope that I've achieved the best quality of tale for the world to see.

Anyway, lets see, thats all for now. Hmm songs for this post... thats tough this time because I've been hearing a lot of rubbish in the music business these last weeks. But I'm going to suggest the new Alexisonfire EP- Dog Days and Parallels by As I Lay dying. they are heavy songs so just be warned. Oh and if anyone knows Final Fantasy, I rediscovered this the other day and it still makes me smile. so here you guys go.

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