Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Are you alive? The simple answer is your are alive because you can ask that question... we are all sons and daughters of humanity!

Echoes of a Distant Star 2.0 has arrived my loyal followers. I've re-booted and revamped this blog to make it all fresh and new for the new year. I hope you like this revamped format. Let me know if you do. Answers on in a comment or a postcard please. So with a new blog for a new year comes new treats and goodies that will begin this month.

First is that once I find a scanner, I will be uploading the first of my short comics for you all to have a read of. It's done in a Scott Pilgrim style, i.e very comical and not in my normal style of artwork. But I've tried to maintain as much of my traditional style as I possibly could without making it look messy. This short features a large collection of my friends (and references to others who didn't make it into this comic, but don't worry they shall appear in other comic shorts to come) I had the most entertaining time drawing cartoon versions of my friends and had a giggle with their characters. Nothing like having a friend attempt to summon vampires in a Final Fantasy style manner to defeat a console that is proving to be annoying. It is quite amusing to draw out, as well as a battle scene against a sofa-bed... my housemates know how that one turned out in reality.

In other creative news, I have recently submitted my first short story to a magazine. So i'm hoping this one will get somewhere and I'll have some very excited tweets and blogs in the future. It might make things slightly more entertaining in the months to come and be a step in the right direction for me. Considering I have very few career plans aside from idlic dreams of the future, it would be nice to get somewhere for once. Oh the joys of dreams and hope... *seriously the sarcasm police will be onto me again if I continue with this sarcastic tone*

Anyways thats all for now. The song for this post is Bruno Mars- Grenade... actually seen as this is the first post in 2.0 format, I'm going to give you another song to keep you all happy and cheery. Song 2 for this post is Alexisonfire- The Northern. It's a good one.

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