Friday, 28 January 2011

Politics of humour can drive our souls

Hey Hey my wonderful and cheery followers. I'm just dropping a quick post here for those of you who are interested. My house mate Sam has started another blog and has allowed me to add my own comic styles to the first post, so check it out if you want some political based comedy. Yes I am aware that most of the world will be doing similar thing, but here in the good ol' UK I like to think we had the idea first. So the link is check it and let him know if you like what he does. It will definitely make him happy, like this guy

Nothing like a Happy President. Anyway I will leave you with a song for the moment. Today the song is The Naked & Famous- Punching in a Dream. Enjoy and let my friend know what you guys think of his new blog and our joint post. Peace and Love as always.

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