Tuesday, 3 May 2011

'Cause we are who we are, lovers lost in space, searching for our saving grace...

Bonjour my wonderful and astonishing followers, I have treats for you all today. Not only is there pictures, but also yet another little short comic I drew a few days ago and forgot to put up for you. So yes lots of wonderful treats for everyone today.

I suppose I'll begin with the news. It's that time of year again where we hand in our final assignments and prepare for exams that we all loath, yet i'm not bothered by them this year. I've adopted a new attitude to them, which basically is "fuck it, might as well close ya eyes and hope for the best!" I know that is not the best attitude but heyho what else do we have aside from a little something called hope? Not much and I like to live in the hope somedays. Anyway above are two pictures from a art exhibition I ended up at on a shopping trip in Liverpool today. I don't know who the artist was but I found his work intriguing and rather thought proking as his title for this collection was "Wonders and Meaning of the Universe" (or at least I think it was... something along those lines... if you are looking for an imformative blog, you are sadly reading the wrong blog as I just rant on this to keep myself sane)

... Ahem... anyway yes, I found the first piece "Fission or Fussion?" particularly interesting as a comment on Nuclear weapons as well as nuclear power... and the whole idea of the Children of the Bomb, or if you live in the Marvel universe and are a member of the x-men then you are probably going to refer to this as Children of the Atom. The second piece, a sculture was called "Flying or Falling?" another piece I quite liked, obviously modelled upon the Greek tale of Icarus: The Boy Who Flew Too Close to the Sun. But never the less, it is throughly well presented and I might print a copy of the image and put it on my wall.

Onwards, as I am sure you will be aware, with Easter falling so late this year, classes have been affected, so I ended up attending my last seminars prior to the Easter Holiday which is a shame because I've made some amazing friends who I hope to keep close forever. Below is a picture of my friends, many of whom are inspirations for my comic and if you look at them carefully, you may recognize one or two of them from their cartoon images, if you don't it doesn't matter because my artwork is really terrible in 95% of my pictures. =/ But heyho, it's not about the quality but the crazy little stories I put into them.

Above is a picture of the Avengers, from left to right we are: Me, Heather, Sam, Hayley, Kirsty and Nikki. Together we fight crime and injustice to fiction... and are now combatting our most powerful and deadly enemy, our arch enemy if you will. Stephanie Mayer!!! The Moriarty to our Sherlock Holmes! I joke but in all seriousness, these guys keep my head in the clouds but my feet on the ground.

And here is one of my favourite pictures, one of Heather and I during the photo blitzkreig that occured during the pre lecture celebrations and afterwards in the bar. I understand I look bewildered but be under no illusions, I love this girl, she makes me smile so much and I always sing her praises and wish her the best of luck for everything she does in the future. =)

And now the final picture... the third short comic for "Reasons to listen to Heather!" This one shot is called "Reasons to not become obsessed!" and you see what obsession does to someone. I have a few more being sketched out and I'll keep them going for you guys as long as you enjoy them, so speak up and be heard, I want to hear from you! I feel like doing a picture in the style of Lord Kitchener with the tagline "YOUR BLOG-COMICS NEED YOU!" But I won't so fear not.
Right so that draws to a close this lengthy post, I do apologise, but you know heyho when you have things to say, you have things to say. So to conclude I shall present you three songs to listen to that I have recently heard and enjoyed so I am sharing the love her. Hopefully you will enjoy them. so here they are:

1) The Maine: Saving Grace

2) Francesqa:Years

3) All Time Low: I Feel Like Dancing!

Ok Enjoy and I'll speak soon =)

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  1. Yeah! Thanks for posting the saving grace song, saved me a search!