Friday, 4 June 2010

Summer days, mistaken for there nightlife in the neon glow of the city that breaks our dreams

If I had a pound for everytime someone in my house (ie my most annoying brother) told me they were bored, then i'd be rich or at least out of my overdraft. This is no word of a lie. except he would never give me any money because he's tight walleted like that.

Anyway to the point. I miss the S.O.S brigade. (also known as Kirsty, Hayley, Abi and Sam [as well as the other random players we encounter on our adventures]) It's official Braders sucks mega monkey butt. Anyone who says otherwise will be given the Uber Death penalty (buy two rounds and drink 10 shots in a row). Perhaps I should write down the penalties i'm going to use in the S.O.S brigade from September onwards? hmm. maybe it will be a good idea. But yes anyway, as I am officially living with three out of the four members of the S.O.S brigade, I will ensure more randomness and crazyness (to the scale of world breaking). that is something to look forward to. yay! So yeah here's a list of the current penalties I have invented for the S.O.S brigade.

Uber Death Penalty- buy two rounds and drink 10 shots (for very serious offences)
Death Penalty- Run five/ten laps around a field shouting "Green Men are chasing me"
Averge Penalty- 5 days community service (ie answering to the orders of all others present without resistance)

I think these seem fair. hmmm, need more thou to keep things entertaining. the death penalty is faintly remeniscant of the penalty i used in high school to my friend. except we made him run topless around the school fields screaming "teachers after me". hahaha. oh the days.

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  1. Summer's becoming that boring, hey? Well, at least your post made me giggle, but I'm not sure about your suggested 'house rules', I think we need to talk about this more when we move in! I'm looking forward to it though.