Monday, 5 July 2010

As we stare at explosions in the sky, we take first deep breath after the coma

Its been an interesting two weeks as we linger around parks and pubs waiting to fully understand our decisions in life and the decisions that effect us. I can only describe it as been comatized until a massive shock wave ripples through our world waking us from our slumber. I'm not gonna babble on in this metaphorical state much longer, in fact i'll get to the point. At a recent gathering of some of my close friends in a wood where we go to have camp fires etc, we call it the cove. two major bombshells have been dropped. first is that my closet friend grace is moving away to scotland due to her fathers new job, and secondly that I myself am probably moving from the city to the countryside. I've suspected the move for a while as my rents have been endlessly looking at properties. the fact of the matter is that i'm not too fond of the idea. i'm losing one close friend in mere days and soon, i'm going to be movin away from others. maybe its time to lapse back into the comatized state for security.

Away on to other blog news and such business. the most recent update is that uni year 2 has been passed with success. therefore making my feel some cheer in the gloomy days that are coming to pass. man i do sound like a manic depressive here. oh well. character designs for the comic are coming along nicely and i've titled the first two issues

Issue #1 is titled - The Only Moment We Were Alone Under The Star
Issue #2 is titled - Have You Passed Through This Cold Earth To Uncover Me?
Issue #3 is currenty titled - Voices From My Home Echo In My Mind
and Issue #4 is currently titled - In The Nighttime Rain She Said "We Meet Again At The Fall Of The Spring Rain Drowned In The Cherry Blossoms"

So thats all I have got for you people at the moment. The song for this post is by Michael Rice and is called We are not made of glass. he's an unsigned artist so don't expect to find loads of hits on him. youtube him though, his song is on there.

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