Wednesday, 25 August 2010

And in the sanctuary of dreams fears and tears fall to the sandy shores of the ocean of life

Greetings o' nobal followers of the world. I must admit I've actually been busy lately. Obviously there is my comic that i'm writing (more on that in a minute) however I have also been talking to Noel Clarke via e-mail about his comic that he is writing and sending my artwork for him to consider. although i'm not sure i'm the right artist for the job so I doubt there will be nothing more said about it. But it is a big step in the right direction for me.

Anyway onto more news, I'm still writing my comic script and doing some designs for characters. Now I've written a new character that appears in the parallel world in my comic. She is what can only be described as a Designer and is a major part of the mystery. Her entire presence forces my script into the thrid act of the story and brings new conflicts to a head. The main question is why is this young woman sat on the beach drawing scenes that have yet to unfold and what is Nate's connection to her??? Plus I've written a location called the Solar Beach where there are more mysteries than you can believe. say goodbye to your sanity!!! And the object that is the heart of Lilith! the most bizarre object in the entire story. oh the joys of keeping track of my story.

Also I've officially re-started Twitter again, so follow me on there. Its always nice to have people who know you reading what randomness you have to say... paulisarebel is my screen name. but i'm sure you can all find me if you look hard enough.

And to close the song of the moment is Treasure by Flyleaf. enjoy

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