Friday, 13 August 2010

We've got bills to pay and nothing figured out, but that doesn't matter when all the city lights are in the water

I was on the bus earlier and this old couple were sat in front of me, and I noticed that the old gentleman was reading the Daily Sport. Interesting I thought to myself. Then I heard him say to his wife "I say darling, there isn't much Sport in this paper." That old man is a legend.

Just thought I would share that bit of real life comedy to begin with. Well anyways, as with British summer time, the weather has become gloomy and overcast with lots of rain. oh the joys. however it has given me time to work on my writing and such business. I recently decided that I would go back to my original poetic inspiration from the first time I wrote a poem in the summer of 2007, whilst laying on my oddly clean bedroom floor listening to my first record in about a year- Taylor Swift's first album (yes she was around before most of the crazy follow the hype people caught onto her *Shock/Horror!*) So yes I was scribbling all the feelings that I like to repress onto paper, whilst singing along to Taylor Swift (even her new song [more info on that one soon]) and I actually came up with some strangely good or pleasing stanzas (not versus as I have often referred to them as) and they may be cliche but for once I don't care. I'm not at university, I'm not trying to write a poem that reflects me as a writer whilst trying to not be cliche or remove every part of my identity as a writer. Maybe thats why I struggle with poetry, because unlike with my fiction I can't create the world, poetry has to have some emotional connection in my mind. with my fiction I tend to try involve the reader and make my work ambigious, but still have a connection to emotions, however not as clear as poetry.

Anyway here is one of the stanzas (not verses) that I wrote, the poem it is attached to is currently being editted, so this stanza is a sample.

They told me you had a shield for combat in the field,
But I'm a rebel, with nothing figured out
in the streetlight...
And I remember that talk at 1:25am
I found a hole and broke down the wall.
Spoke of things in the clearest way only to leap off the cliff
cause I'm a flight-risk
drowned in miscommunication
too scared and scarred from the fields 100 miles away.
Wounds will heal and wounds will emerge
But i've still got blood melting the ice shield between...

If you haven't noticed, I'm a fan of long stanzas cause I like imagery in a way... mainly I like to talk and write thou. Anyway thats all I have for now, and the song for this post is Taylor Swift- Mine. enjoy my followers

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