Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Teenage dreams, angry music and skin tight jeans... is this our new life?

Well its been a while since I last wrote a post... doesn't sound right does it? Hmm, ok, its been a while since I blogged (sounds better) so I thought I would let you all catch up with me and my immature life.

So I've been working hard on my comic and so far have created this story with two worlds and the question is the hero called Nate dead or alive. the main question is did he die on the operating table after his accident or was he subject to the torturous operations that the Raising Project forced upon him. Its all turning out quite mind boggling, and only I, the arcitect of this boggling scene that unfolds before me knows where its heading... or I should. The fact is that i'm getting so involved with the characters stories that I don't want to see them reach the end of there road. This has led to the original idea of 8 issue compact story begin to manifest into a whole world of story lines in this small concept I created under the influence of my own madness. I've even become so involved that i have changed the name of one of the characters because the character was based on a person close to me, this attachment to the character was preventing me from hurting the character in any and all ways possible. Personally, I think that some comics are flawed because the writers make the character of stone and can not turn it over to see the gritty and dirty underneath of characters. Think Superman, how can he be stopped? kryptonite hasn't worked, nor has magic and Doomsday certainly failed to do a decent job of keeping him dead. Spiderman occasionally gets a hard hitting storyline like "The night Gwen Stacy Died" or "Sins Past". and don't get me started on Batman... is Bruce Wayne even back as Batman yet? stupid Grant Morrison. Anyway, I feel that to make the story more interesting for writer, artist and reader, the characters have to suffer, and not the whole "oh no, i have power but i couldn't stop someone from harming those close to me!" madness. cross the line between right and wrong, make the harsh choices. why yesterday I wrote two pages where innocent girl Alexis betrayed Carlos for her Fathers personal gain and stabbed him in the back literally. She showed no remorse for severing the nerves and his spinal cord. These are human characters who have to decide when to cross the line, not fall down on the side of right and wrong.

Anyways on other news, nightlife is the same and dull, work sucks and uni can't come around soon enough. so thats all i got for now. and in keeping with tradition, i want everyone to get onto youtube and listen to the following songs

Katy Perry- Teenage Dream

The Pretty Reckless- Miss Nothing

Do it now... muhaha. so i'm off to work, so i'll post something soon. have fun and enjoy my wonderful followers

ps if anyone can bring Smallville back from its dull and predictable storylines in these days its Geoff Johns... Absolute Justice was amazing plus Stargirl was spot on... thank you mister Johns.

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