Sunday, 6 February 2011

We're chasing memories we used to own... Don't let them succumb to the nightmares that dictate future days

Hi, me again. Twice in one day, I know its all go in my world today. Well i'm going to spoil you guys and gals again with another pair of sketches. These are from the part of me that wants to make a comment or show something different about the world. I know its hard to explain to be honest. But never the less, here is number one... I've titled this, (I may go back and edit the background etc later) "Is the only beauty in the World what we see in the moments before we die?" Don't ask about the title. I liked the idea of a person who has cut their wrist touching water and all of a sudden this magical event happens and fish begin to swim in the air. It would be beautiful would it not.

And Number 2 for this post is... Apologies if it's a little faint. The image didn't transfer as well as I'd hoped. But never the less, the title for this is "In sacrifice, do we deserve any freedom that we have not earned through Blood?" This is a comment on the government and the way society is changing rapidly, soon they will be monitering every last one of us. I chose to show this through a bar-code in a young womens eye. Weird I know but art doesn't have to always be pretty these days.

Anyway, that is all for the day. Hope you like these different attempts at art from me. Please let me know what you thing be that in a comment or through twitter etc. You'll find someway to get hold of me I'm sure. So as always Peace and Love, enjoy the rest of the evening.


  1. Those are cool. Like the first one though, something about that water world.....

  2. Cool sketches!

    Ps. I love Fightstar too!