Saturday, 5 March 2011

Enjoy yourself, take only what you need to what the world regains its place in the stars

Hello my noble followers,

It's been an interesting few weeks these last couple. To which few people have escaped unscathed, following the wave of news that hit us as we try to keep moving through life in the best possible way. But I'm not here to try depress the world, no sir, I'm not going to do that today... well maybe later but you never know.

Recently I got my assignment back for my Palestinian essay on the British Government's relationship with the Zionist before 1914. I'll admit its an interesting topic and I do enjoy studying history, because whether you like it or not, it is historians who will save the world at some point. Except we observe first then act. Kind of like Time Lords with the rule of no direct interference with fixed points in time. It's actually quite a good comparison that to be fair. Anyway, so I got my essay back and my tutor was really surprised that I got 60%, with in fairness is quite surprising because of the amount of blunders and monumental cock-ups I made in that essay. But instead of the congratulations that one normally receives, we were all greeted with an air of "I think you could have done better" and then "Here is my four page list of everything that you can improve upon and what you did wrong and things/habits I generally disapprove of in any assignment that I receive!"... The looks on our faces from this point on can only be best described as...

Now don't get me wrong, I like nothing more than feedback so I can improve on my work but in fairness, I can only describe this as a giant kick in the teeth. It was one of those moments where you feel like you've entirely let yourself down and I know my good friend on my course felt the same as we met up after and decided the only logical thing to do next was retail therapy... so I bought some Doctor Who DVDs... yes the classic Tom Baker ones =). But aside from the point, on no part of the actually coursework discussion in our timetable did our tutor actually specify a certain criteria for the presentation, sources and every other bit of jargon he pulled us up on. Much to the amusement of my history Arch-Nemesis. I seem to have a lot of super-villain wannabes after me clearly... =/ Interesting.

Anyway on with other news. My Scott Pilgrim inspired comic is very near completion, in fact I shall be doing the last couple of panels in the next few days and hopefully uploading it to this blog at some point in the very near future. I would have liked it to be up last month but the amount of work that I've had to do recently has been ridiculous. Its really quite de-moralising these days when you're trying to make the world aware of your wish to be in the industry. Or at least that's how it feels to me. Maybe a new plan is in order... one that involved monkey's would be preferable.

Also in the world of news around me, is poetry also known as the long 3 hours on a Friday afternoon where we learn nor do nothing. Again the world is close to its death when we enter that room. I had a coursework assignment where I had to do four poems on class exercises but how can we do four poems on class exercises when we do not actually do them in class? hmm I wonder what problems that could cause... answer- Alot... =/ I don't really want to portray myself across the globe and to whoever reads this as a moaner or a moaning kind of person, I'm normally an OK kind of guy and ask my friends they'll back me up on this, keep myself to myself not burdening them with my problems. But you have to agree with me on this one that if we don't practice writing in the class then it is pretty hard to do the assignment and all the add on bits when we have nothing to work with. You see what I'm saying. It's a little contradictory if you catch my drift. Also every week we nearly fall asleep in that lesson so either I am falling asleep and missing it or we just are not doing any work worth a damn. I don't know really but it's too late to procrastinate on it now.

So that is what has been going on in my world at the moment, granted it's not the most pressing issues that can ever be discuss, I mean when we look at places in the Middle East that are tearing themselves to pieces, it does give a little perspective considering how bad we believe out government are. I completely understand the reasons for the cuts made in our country but the way and the unfairness they were handed out is only for the benefit of several members of the upper class community. Therefore as it has been suggested the new party motto for the conservative party should be- "Putting the 'N' into Cuts!" I actually would love to see that. Politics and assignments aside, I am in the middle of planning a trip to the Zooniverse, also known as Chester Zoo because secretly we are all big kids and the Zoo is amazing. I shalt say no more on that topic. Hopefully I'll be putting some pictures up of that when I get them and hopefully a comic or two before then. The fun never stops does it.

And so in closing, Cameron is evil, Gaddafi is mis-guided, Poetry tutors can not teach and the monkey is loose in the closet again... hmm I must fix the world. So the songs for this post are The Naked & Famous- Young Blood and Architects- An open letter to myself. Enjoy and I'll check in soon.

Peace and Love as always.
PS stay out of the Middle East.

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