Tuesday, 8 March 2011

We all know friends like these, friends like these are the greatest and keep my feet on the ground. Nothing worse than growing up

Hello my followers, surprise for you all today, I've got a couple of character sketches for you all to have a look at for my Scott Pilgrim inspired comic. So here we go, no point beating around the bush is there.
This is Hails. She likes vampires and can summon them if she really, really wants. Also she is easily aggravated by video games when she fails to complete challenges.
Special Ability: SUMMON VAMPIRES- DRACULA 999mp, LESTAT 666mp, SELENE 333mp, EDWARD CULLEN 1mp (useless summon, like the chocobo summon in FF4 =/)
Next up is Kirsty, she is a fond of music and has a strange obsession with stars. She would normally be wearing contact lenses, but if she sees something she really likes her eyes light up and turn into stars. It's actually a little worrying. =/
Special Ability: STAR POWER- utilize the power of any star item upon her person to launch a devastating attack with the power of a sun. The more stars the better =)
Third up is Abi, our resident Biologist. She likes nothing more than investigating plants and running around in fields acting like a big child. (is it me or is this all of a sudden turning into a dating profile!!!) She also has the ability to remain completely calm, in fact I believe her temper is completely non-existent.
Special Ability: COMMAND PLANT-LIFE- Command plants in the nearby area to attack enemies or aid party. Differs from plant type to plant type.

Forth is Heather, every one's favourite singer. She loves to sing out loud at random moments and is actively involved with a band. She is enthusiastic and always has random conversations involving trips to Paris and iPod silent discos with Paul.
Special Ability: SING- uses songs to give various status elements to enemies. Ranges from heavy damage to elemental damage and status afflictions.

Finally Paul (IE. My character) He is sarcastic and often opens his mouth without thinking what he is saying. Occasionally he will make the suggestion to Heather they should run away to Paris but to no avail. His jokes often fall flat and he tends to sneak hug his friends.
Special Ability: ARMY OF ONE- launches a devastating one-man chain attack upon a selected enemy. Very unlikely to miss and may also inflict status afflictions depending on the enemy.

Anyway that is all for now. Just wanted to share them with you all. More to come soon. And I'd like to thank all of my friends who are out there in the world. Without them, none of these characters would really be possible because our random exploits, conversations and lives bring us all endless hours of enjoyment. Even when things look bleak, I can always count on them. And this is one way I'm saying thank-you because they deserve to be recognized by the world and not just me. (P.S. Heather is amazing and has been the funnist character to draw because of her vibrant personality. Actually everyone has been fun to draw but I wanted to mention her again because her excitement about everything gave me the inspiration to begin work on this comic. She's awesome and I love her haha.)
Right so, onwards and upwards I guess. The songs for this post are:
Dave Melillo- For the Sake of Remembering
This Will Destroy You- This World is our ___
All Time Low- Time Bomb
Right so enjoy. I'll speak soon =)