Monday, 31 May 2010

There was once a longing to find an infinite playlist... now it is a dream of the unwaking nightmare

Do you ever get those days where you wake up from dreaming and realise what you want is too far away to reach and that you're living a nightmare of your own creation because of it. Well if you do then you'll understand what I mean. It's like a weird form of depression. At least thats what it feels like, and this feeling has grown out of the small pond that I live in only to become a vast ocean of madness, aggression, lust, despair and ridiculous misunderstandings. To which the conclusion of this can only be screaming "shoot me, for god's sake just shoot me!" at the top of your lungs so that you can feel something that can be real instead of the disillusion that is brought on by this quest.

That is all for today people. Please enjoy the following songs All Time Low- Remembering Sunday & Too Much

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