Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I hope we make it through and the sea will be as blue as our dreams

For all the pilgrims that venture to read my blog, I though for once I'd treat you all to a special little goody. No it's not sweets, cause i've just finished eating them, seriously big bag of haribo on top of a curry probably isn't good but I'll live with it. So yeah anyway, I am going to give you all a look at one of the new short story I have been working on since before easter. Originally an assignment, but I felt I could expand more and create the world much more as well the characters. But yeah so here is the extract from the short story "Echoes"

The rain splattered across the windows of the plane. Its loose components rattled violently as we made our way through the sea of clouds. Faith sat in the seat behind me, curled up and afraid. The smell of burning flesh still lingered in our nostrils. The controls of this plane were strangely familiar. On the dashboard were the words “le rĂªve lointain”, just like in my dreams. I kept the plane climbing through the clouds, in hope of finding an end to the thick layer. Soon the clouds began to thin and we burst out into a vast ocean of blue skies and bathed in sunlight.

“Wow… it’s beautiful…” Faith whispered.

The tip of the tower was now visible. It was flat, not pointed like I had often imagined at the train station. I steered the plane towards the towers tip and took a long deep breath to prepare myself for the answers. At first I circled the tower’s tip and looked down into the gaping hole atop. Darkness was all I could see. Turbulence shook the plane as we flew over the top of the tower to get a second look into the gaping hole.

Suddenly I felt my body tingle as if an electrical pulse had been shot into me. The plane began to plummet into the blackness of the tower. Faith screamed at me to do something. The pain throughout my body grew as we fell. My eyes became heavy as the pain became unbearable. I grasped the controls once more, desperate to pilot the plane back into the light. The controls were so heavy, like boulders. I fought the controls, frantically trying to pull them closer to allow me to pilot the plane. My arms were stretched to their limits. Through my fading eyesight, I watched as the skin on fore arm began to tear and blood splashed across the glass. Wires coloured blue and red, like veins and arteries became severed as metal and bone broke leaving my forearms hanging from the planes controls. The plane shook more violently and tore itself from its own limbs. As my eyes finally closed I saw the small ray of light from the top of the tower disappear as we plummeted into the never ending darkness.

So yeah, there you have an extract on from the short story. hope you like it, feel free to comment and share your thoughts on the extract. Anyways, important stuff next like the usual. So the song for this post is by Breaking Benjamin. Firstly I'm fed up of people raving about the phobia album, seriously, there were two albums full of amazing songs before that album. anyway the song is Firefly. A good tune as I'm sure the row of empty beer cans on my desk will agree as I spent Sunday night drinking to a mixed cd of Breaking Benjamin songs (mostly playing firefly because its such awesomeness). Anyways I believe that this sums up the entire post for the day except I had to post this to close with, i know everyone will have seen it but it makes me smile and cheers me up so much.

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