Sunday, 9 May 2010

In the mist of the concert partying with Ms Vickers

As you can probably guess by my title and previous post, I've been to see Diana Vickers live in concert, last night to be exact. Firstly I want to say that if you hate her, stop readying now because i don't want to hear it. joking you can read on.

Ok so yeah, i can safely say that Ms Vickers gave us all an amazing show. unlike most concerts and gigs where the singers and bands can ignore the crowd just to play their songs and earn there money, Diana Vickers didn't. she communicated with the crowd, made a good show and most of all kept us entertained (and not waiting around for hours like little boots did despite the quality of her show). but yes, for the opening night of the tour there was the same amount of energy as most people put into the last night of the tour. admittedly the support act (a solo artist who's name escapes me) was good but lacked the true feel for performance, even having to resort to a cover that junior/senior song from years ago. but it made entertaining viewing. To be honest with you, last nights performance has made me fall in love with Diana more because of her energy and style.

Anyways, moving onwards in a generally swift yet productive manner. I'm going to leave this post like this and continue with the pre-production for my novel kind of thing, just because i want it planned on paper before i start to keep the concentration. so the song for this post is going to be "Superhero" by The Pretty Reckless (yes the band with Taylor Momsen) get listening and I'll speak soon I guess.

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