Sunday, 2 May 2010

I'll be wallowing in sorrow, wearing a frown like Peirrot the Clown

So yeah, at present I'm rediscovering my love for Placebo whilst i'm working on my new short story. but i'm here to have a long rant at things. just because of recent events that have greatly annoyed me.

Apparently it appears that people no longer have the time for Cyberpunk because they have lost there imaginations and can't seem to use there brains to picture things. I'm not saying that its all there fault, maybe i'm not clear with some of the terms i mention. but i think that if you mention people surfing the internet with holo-glasses and causing mayhem and have called them jackers its pretty clear. i mean they're like hackers but access through the internet by jacking into it? that clear? evidently not. plus eluding to a drug called Crunk by mentioning someone od'd on it should give a pretty big damn hint. its not like i'm trying to be smart, i did make some mistakes and stuff with other explainations but it think you can use your imagination to create some mental image!

Aside from that, getting accused of plagerism for something that your friend suggests is stupid. ok so i'll just explain this, admiral arrogent in the class believes that I plagerised a film called Cowboy Bebop, by using golden butterflies which had the same role in the film as they did in my short story. ok i can except that but if i'm accused of doing it with something i haven't seen (I would like to point out i watched the anime but not the film which included these golden butterflies) is pretty humiliating. the reason i included butterflies similar to those in the movie was via suggestion from my best friend (who had seen it and apologized for her mistake). thus is my problem, why would you assume that someone is plagerising when they haven't seen the film, further more make a scene in the class making you feel like shit and wanting to basically slit your wrists because of the humiliation and public scuritiny? normal people don't. but the creative writing aristocracy in the class believe that they are superior and should use any and all chances to make others feel like thrash and worthless as writers. don't get me wrong, i can handle criticism, like toning down on the bloody images, explaining some things better, develop character dialogue more, all useful and things i have done. however if you are going to make a scene and leave someone mentally scared to write anything again because you tear into them so much then that's not helpful at all. in fact its the opposite.

Ok so yeah anyway, that is the rant over for now. taking these things into mind, i changed the story from cyberpunk style to steampunk style whilst keeping some of the key elements of the story. so yeah i'll post an extract from both versions of the story later. just to show what i've experimented with. maybe there will be hope for the stories later. but i'm not holding my breath.

On a happy note, i feel that for the first time something has gone right for me in the field of romance. i met a lovely girl who is from my own city and we really hit it off. for now we are friends but i would love to move forward into a relationship with her. i hope so. but for now i'll hold my breath and enjoy the dream that will hopefully become reality. (good story idea... i like it... and its mine muhaha)

right so i'm gonna bring this to a close. there are two songs for this post. first is Placebo (as i'm listening to them so much) "follow the cops back home" and second is wideawake- "maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow" ok so look and listen and enjoy yourselves.
I'm off to finish watching the crazy yet oddly entertaining 1960's Batman film with Adam West.

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  1. your story was good in both drafts! And you know what those guys are like. Don't let them stop you from writing, just take it and move on.