Thursday, 6 May 2010

Once More With Feeling

This is it, one more day till I officially finish uni for the summer, although I'm gonna be hanging up in the town for a little long cause I've paid for my room so i may as well use it. Anyway, so I've got two exams tomorrow, not looking forward to them and I feel completely unprepared because I always do feel like that. But that's not what is exciting, cause exams are not exciting at all. The exciting news is that on Saturday night, I'm off to see Diana Vickers on the opening night of the tour. this is gonna be good cause I've never being to an opening night before, i prefer to go to the last night of the tour because most bands and singers give it there all on these nights. so it's gonna be interesting but still a good show cause i love her so much. plus i want to discover if there is any truth to the phrase "Diana Vickers wears no knickers"... i joke not really but yeah she is very very cute.

Moving on to something more universally entertaining. have you ever seen an author so crazy that he strangles his fans? i have! well not literally strangle but pretends to for photo opportunities. Yeah thats pretty crazy right. well in case your wondering, stay away from Darren Shan because he's crazy like that. not that i'm a fan of his, but i have friends who are. leading us on a crazy adventure which led to sam falling asleep, the girls queueing for nearly an hour and a half, and me reading the entire Dark Avengers collection to the present issue. so yeah all that led me to wonder what the hell was taking so long and calling Darren Shan a blithering idiot under my breath because he was acting like a loony. that being said i have the maturity of a whoopie cushion so i don't really hold any higher ground unless you count not strangling my fans and admirers? well I do so therefore I am morally superior to Darren Shan. for the moment.

Ok so that's all I've got for the moment, next time I post something I should have seen Ms Vickers' perform and I'll let y'all know about the show. which only leaves one final thing. the song of the post. well today we have some cultural difference, because todays song is from the Japanese singer Utada Hikaru- "Beautiful World" try both the original version and the acoustic if you can.

So mucho love etc and I'll post to y'all soon.

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